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<div class="et_pb_post_title et_pb_post_title_0 et_pb_bg_layout_light"><h1 class="entry-title">Scott Gilmore – Robbing Millions – Alexandre Barberon FC @ DOC</h1></div> <div class="et_pb_text et_pb_bg_layout_light et_pb_text_align_left et_pb_text_0"> <p> - 12.06.2019 </p> </div>

19H30 – 22H45



Au programme:

Scott Gilmore
This is how Scott describes what he does:
I make music using synthesizers, drum machines, electric bass, and acoustic and electric guitars. I try to write music that is both
beautiful and engaging. I enjoy writing many melodies, harmonies and counter melodies into my compositions to develop a sense
of forward motion. My main influences include Brian Eno, Cluster, Kraftwerk, Stereolab, Talking Heads, YMO, ‘70’s and ‘80’s Ethiopian
Music, J.S. Bach, and the out-takes from the Beach Boys’ Smile Sessions. (from an interview in Titel – Kultur Magazine, DE)

Robbing Millions
Taking cues from Milton Nascimento, Wally Badarou, progressive Italian rock as well as video game music and Ariel
Pink &amp; R. Stevie Moore&#39;s weirdo-pop, Robbing Millions, the psych tinged project of Brussels based and classically
trained jazz guitarist Lucien Fraipont don’t limit their consumption of influences.
Through this creative method and cultural devouring, the band have earned acclaim for their colourful, off-kilter
approach to making music, almost always accompanied by madcap visuals. One ear that was importantly pricked
belongs to LA based producer Shags Chamberlain, famed for his work with Ariel Pink, Weyes Blood and Mac
Demarco. Bonding over trips between LA and Brussels the two set together working on Robbing Millions upcoming
sophomore album in Shags’ LA studio.

Alexandre Barberon
À l’âge de trois ans, Alexandre s’ouvre le crâne sur un pot de fleurs pendant la leçon de musique de sa soeur : le téléphone à cadran sur lequel sa mère tente désespérément de pianoter se couvre de sang, tandis que les sirènes de l’ambulance font bientôt écho aux accords suspendus du piano, couvrant les plaintes de sa voix naissante.
Aujourd’hui ça va mieux.

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