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Projet de fin de résidence

Performance filmique de Philomène Hoël, résidente temporaire
Durée : 4h30.
Entrée du public à 18h30.

Philomène Hoël works with film and performance to activate the cinematic dimension of a space and set up intimate scenarios of crisis. Her practice is concerned with the power dynamics, concealed identities, tensions and constant shifts of control that exist within social relationships. Interested in subjective experiences, the artist intentionally complicates the interplay between sound, image, performance and their reception. Sometimes absurd and uncanny, the works draw on her memories of partners, friends, family members, strangers and the desire of dissolving one’s individuality into the flux of life’s encounters and interrogates the fabrication of subjectivity and the fiction of the self. Hoël refers to the psychological notion of ‘Acting Out’ as the drive behind her work: the opening up of uneasy situations, the stimulus of suppressed desires and anxieties, a point of no return. Hoël (b.1985/France) lives and works in London. She is a practice-based PhD Candidate at the University of Reading in partnership with the film cooperative of london LUX, with a proposal titled “Is it your hand or is it my hand?” based on a dialogue with the artist and filmmaker Stephen Dwoskin (1939 – 2012). Hoël is currently running “Out of One’s Cinema”, a programme of experimental screenings in dialogue with Dwoskin’s work.

Le film, the second heart  – page filmique expérimentale

Descriptif, the second heart

Avec le soutien de LUX, la coopérative du film de Londres.